ATTENTION: HubSpot Customers Who Want to Generate More Sales...
Are you investing a lot of money and time into HubSpot, but you are still not generating enough leads consistently?

Hi, My Name is Josh

I show people like you how to use HubSpot to create a lead generation engine - even if you don’t have a big marketing team or huge budget. 
I was once a marketing team of one at a small B2B company. After several years of slow growth, my co-workers were counting on me to bring in new sales. 

More importantly, after a string of jobs that didn’t work out, my wife and kids were depending on me to bring stability to our family. 
Just like you do today, I had many options to increase leads and sales and I explored them all…          
  •  Word of Mouth & Referrals (slow and unreliable)
  •  Cold Calling (expensive and ineffective)
  •  Conferences & Networking (costly and unproductive for lead generation)
  •  Hire a Marketing Agency (I couldn’t afford it)
Ultimately, I had to figure it out on my own – even though I had a very small team and a limited budget.

For a long time, it was just me, my laptop, and my HubSpot license.

It took years of testing tactics, writing content on nights and weekend, and building each step of my lead generation process piece by piece, but I figured out the system that worked.

I grew my company from 10 leads per month to 300 leads per month.

The good news for you is that I “walked through fire” (almost losing my job several times), to develop this lead generation system, so you don’t have to!

Would you like to learn how?

When we sold that company, I wanted to share my systems, tools, and processes with other marketers and business owners that needed to get more leads but didn’t have a big team or a huge budget.

In my first year as a HubSpot consultant, I personally helped over 25 companies improve how they got found, brought in leads, and close sales. But, there was a problem…

When I gave HubSpot guidance to busy marketing directors and their staff, the plan often became muddled. Let me explain...

I wanted working with me to be affordable. I thought I was doing my clients a favor by consulting with them one-on-one for a few hours each month. However, the low cost meant that I could only help them in a limited way.

I ended up only handling the fires that needed to be put out (e.g. leads are down for the month, my CEO needs a specific report, or we have a conference in three weeks). The reactive nature of working with companies this way helped them a little, but we never really created the sustainable inbound lead generation engine that my clients needed.

I had to come up with a more impactful way to help.

I had already tried low-cost one-on-one consulting. Acting as their marketing department (costing my clients $15,000-$25,000 per month) wasn't the right option for my clients either. 

I knew there was a way to bring in more qualified leads with their current in-house team if they just had the system and expertise. 

In order to truly help small and mid-sized companies, teaching marketers my systems had to:
  •  Stay affordable
  •  Get measurable results
  •  Be flexible and business-specific 
  •  Transform companies into an inbound lead generation engine
  •  Give the complete plan and specific step-by-step advice 
  •  Provide an easy way to get questions answered  
  •  Help marketing teams stay on track over a long period of time 
  •  Guide marketers when things work and when they don’t 
After testing the best options to teach my system, I discovered a format that works!  
HS Lead School Begins in June 2018
"Josh’s knowledge of Hubspot is unsurpassed, and his ability to adapt the platform to your strategic needs is a breath of fresh air in an industry where many are technically competent but disconnected from the marketing side. Work with Josh, you won't regret it." 

- Jonathan Cronstedt, Kajabi
HS Lead School is a 12-Month HubSpot Small Group Coaching & Training Program Designed to Get Results, Teach Your Team to Create and Work Your Lead Engine, and Not Break Your Budget.
Module #1:
Compelling Messaging
Helps You Get Prospective Customers To Care About Your Products And Services
Module #2: 
Marketer Mindset
Discover The Mindset To Switch Your Thinking And Set Expectations To Grow With Limited Resources
Module #3:
“Lead Net” Website System
Makes It Easy To Turn As Many Website Visitors Into Leads As Possible
Module #4:
Content Creation Secrets
The Real SECRET to Consistently Creating Content That Will Get You Found And Turn Visitors Into Leads – Even If You Have A Small Team
Module #5:
Content Distribution System
Gets You More People To Visit Your Website And Gives You A System For Getting Your Content In Front Of Your Target Buyers
Module #6:
Mastering Lead Management
Avoid Letting The Leads You Worked So Hard To Get Slip Through The Cracks
Module #7:
“Lead to Customer” Blueprint
STOP Worrying About How to Turn Leads Into Paying Customers
Module #8:
List Building
Quickly Create a System to Add Fresh Prospects to Your Marketing Database
Module #9:
Funnel Gravity System
Effortlessly Bring Leads From The "just researching" Stage To The Bottom Of Your Sales Funnel
Module #10:
Tech & Teams Bootcamp
How To Assemble Your Marketing “Dream Team” By Empowering The People Inside Your Company And Hiring The Right Freelancers
Module #11:
Analytics & Optimization
Escape The Stress Of Tracking the Metrics That Are Important to Day-To-Day Decisions and Maintaining Executive Buy-In
"From the word go, Josh and his team really listened to the unique needs of our business before crafting a strategy to attack our problems and inefficiencies head on. He has a depth of knowledge around HubSpot and marketing best practices that was always available to me and incredibly valuable." 

- Jordan Duvall, Stretch
How HS Lead School Works
If you think you can build a lead generation engine in a week, you are going to be disappointed, frustrated, and probably lose your job.

However, if you have patience and invest your time in the right places, you will create a lasting system for generating qualified leads in your sleep.

If you go down this road, you have your work cut out for you with everything from making sure you can clearly articulate your value in human terms to implementing processes to make sure people who request a sales call don’t go dark on you.

The tools and advice are out there for your team to create a lead engine on your own. There are tens of thousands of blog articles, videos, and webinar that all have a piece of the answer.

Once you do your research and compile your plan, implementing these tactics can take months of trial and error. While this approach comes with a low upfront cost, it may or may not be right for your team and growth goals.


You can get a proven lead generation system and a full year of HubSpot expertise to give your existing team what they need to create a sustainable lead engine for less than the cost of 1-2 months of HubSpot consulting.

Join the HS Lead School program where you'll get an A to Z lead generation plan designed for B2B businesses with limited resources, plus the HubSpot experts to guide you along your journey.

With HS Lead School, you’ll get:
Lead Engine Transformation Roadmap
Inside HS Lead School, you will be guided through each step of the process to create your lead engine using HubSpot.

From how to turn your “boring” B2B product into a must-have solution for your target market to how to consistently publish content that attracts buyers. 

The roadmap alone won’t transform your company into a lead generating machine!
50 Training LESSONS Complete With Action Plans, Templates, Tool Guides, and Examples
With each weekly roadmap video, you’ll also get corresponding action plans, templates, tools, and examples. 

Since you’ll be slammed some weeks and have time to get ahead during other times, you’ll have access to all previous lessons in the HS Lead School portal so that you can move at your own pace.
50 Live QA / Coaching Sessions + Recordings
You are never alone in this process. 

If you have questions, want feedback, or are not getting the results you initially expect, this program has you covered.

Each week, you have exclusive access to a live video Q&A session. These sessions give you a chance to get your specific questions answered and get breakthrough-ideas from others who are going through the same process.

This format allows you to learn from other members' situations, model your lead generation engine after what is working for other companies, and get questions answered before you even know you have them.
If you miss the live Q&A coaching session, you’ll have access in the HS Lead School portal throughout the rest of your membership in the program.
Business-Specific “When Marketing Doesn’t Work” Coaching
In addition to filling in the gaps, you’ll be able to apply for a “When Marketing Doesn’t Work” review. 

During the live weekly Q&A session, we’ll walk through your strategies and tactics that are not performing the way that you want them to, dissect the root cause, and give you a clear path to fixing your lead generation process.
Private HS Lead School Facebook Community
When you are in the zone and have a question, you want answers as soon as possible. That is why you’ll have access to the exclusive HS Lead School Facebook community – one of the most valuable benefits of enrollment in this program.

This private group allows you to get quick answers from coaches, share successes, get feedback about your ideas or designs from other members.
In-Person Lead Generation Workshops
With all the distractions of day-to-day marketing, strategic thinking and major tactical projects often slide off your priority list. We won’t let that happen. 

Twice throughout this program, you will be invited to a special, live event in Phoenix, Arizona where you will learn advanced lead generation techniques and work side by side with Josh and the other lead generation experts on achieving your company’s specific goals.

This is not a marketing conference where you will get high-level advice from a series of speakers.

This is a hands-on workshop where we will work on your actual marketing plan and optimize your HubSpot toolset. Based on your specific goals and sticking points (and those of your fellow participants), the one and half day program will be tailored to take your lead generation strategy to the next level in the areas of:
  •  Improving your strategy (what’s next)
  •  Increasing traffic 
  •  Getting more conversions 
  •  Handling inbound sales 
  •  Improving teams and productivity 
  •  Optimizing your lead-generating websites 
  •  And much more...
Bonus Training Tailored To The Group
Through the program, you’ll also have access to bonus training and videos that will ensure everyone in the program has the clarity and guidance they need to transform their business and create a better future for its employees.
Limited-Time Offer For Action-Takers
Apply for HS Lead School now to lock in these bonuses before the disappear:
BONUS: 90-minute HubSpot strategy & portal review meeting ($600 value)

BONUS: Quick wins analysis to identify low-cost, low-effort changes to your website that will make a big difference immediately ($900 value)
BONUS: Upgrade your enrollment from one person to three people (recommendation: give access to people responsible for top, middle, and bottom of the funnel or the marketers who are responsible for getting found, converting visitors to leads, and the turning leads into customers) ($36,000 value)

BONUS: Bring two people to the HS Lead School live workshops instead of one ($2100 value)

BONUS: Lock in this pricing if you choose to stay enrolled in HS Lead School after the initial 12 months.
"Josh saved us months of trial and error in HubSpot. His approach to sales and marketing automation helped us create an efficient system for turning website visitors into customers.”

- Angelica Cox, Verenia
This program is not for everyone. 

We Want You To Be Successful. If You Are Not A Good Fit For The HS Lead School Program At This Time, We Will Let You Know During The Application Process And Point You Toward Better-Suited Resources.
HS Lead School Is Right For You If...
  •  You need more leads and sales.
  •  You are tired of waiting for word-of-mouth leads or your referral sources are drying up.
  •   Your business uses the HubSpot marketing platform or is looking into getting HubSpot.
  •  You want more control over your sales and financial performance.
  •  You are willing to invest time, effort, and money into increasing sales, only if you had a plan you could trust.
  •  You are looking for a repeatable process to bring in leads and sales.
  •  You and your marketing team want to become world-class lead generators for the rest of your careers.
  •  You care about making your target customers’ lives better.
  •  Your company offers a super-useful product or service.
  •  You want to give back to the HS Lead School community just as much as you want to receive.
  •  You are a nice person and a pleasure to work with. (We try to enroll only nice people. No jerks allowed.)
This Program Is Not For You If...
  • You don’t need more leads.
  • You don’t use HubSpot Professional or HubSpot Enterprise (and are not open to buying it).
  •  You work for a big brand, household name, and Fortune 500 company.
  • You have a huge marketing and advertising budget.
  •  You are not focused on growing your revenue.
  •  You love to chase shiny objects.
  •  You can break your cold call and conference addiction.
  •  You are fixated on finding the “magic bullet” that will lead to fast growth.
  •  You are an egomaniac who doesn't have an interest in proven best practices.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve Never Seen A Group Coaching Model Like This Before. How Is It More Effective Than Hiring A HubSpot Consultant Or Agency?
I’ve worked with some outstanding HubSpot partner agencies and consultants (and I have met dozens that don’t know how to get results). Hiring a consultant or digital agency to work with you one-on-one is the right fit for some businesses. Just make sure you find a good one!

However, there are thousands of business with small marketing teams that can’t afford a high-priced consultant or agency. If you are one of these companies, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can pay for fewer services, but never get to transforming your company into an inbound lead generating machine. Or you can hire a high-priced digital marketing agency.

I couldn’t afford to work with an expensive marketing firm when I grew my last company, so I had to create the lead generation strategy myself. For companies that have a small team who can do the work, I want to give you my systems and guide you through the process of increasing leads and sales. To both get results and keep costs down, I developed HS Lead School to meet the following criteria:

• Be affordable
• Be flexible and business-specific
• Get measurable results
• Transform companies into an inbound lead generation engine
• Give the complete plan and specific step-by-step advice
• Provide an easy way to get questions answered
• Help marketing teams stay on track over a long period of time
• Guide marketers when things work and when they don’t

Ultimately, you have a lot of options for growing your business – from hiring sales people to cold call all day to sponsoring more conferences to hiring a high-priced agency. Each has advantages and drawbacks. HS Lead School is the most effective way for businesses with small marketing teams and small budgets to get real results while mitigating any risk.
Can I Get My Specific Questions Answered Or Is This One-Size-Fits-All Hubspot Advice?
HS Lead School program is designed to get you tangible results. That usually means more leads, more sales, and more customers. Knowing the steps for creating a lead engine system alone won’t get you there, so we designed this program to both lay out the plan for you and make it easy to get questions about your specific situation answered quickly and thoroughly.

That means that you will have access to video lessons and action plans, as well as get your specific questions answered by experts who understand and care about your business in the exclusive student community on Facebook, during the weekly live Q&A sessions, and through the in-person workshops.
How Quickly Can I Expect To See An Increase In Leads and Sales?
The HS Lead School program is laser-focused on getting results for your business. As you would expect, the timeline to see results depends on several factors, including how committed you are to the program and following the action plans, how mature your marketing operation is today, and the capabilities of you current in-house marketers. 

While the HS Lead School program does cause you to take a step back to create a solid foundation for future growth, members who follow the program see an increase in website traffic and leads within 90 days. 
Why Is The HS Lead School Program 12 Months?
The initial iteration of this HubSpot program was 6 months. I wanted to help people like you with as little financial investment as possible. 

As I mapped out the lead generation road map, recorded training videos, and created the action plans, it became clear that a 6-month program would force you to skip steps, rush important decisions, and miss a lot of the adjustments that turn your initial strategy into a lead generation engine. 

The full 12-month HS Lead School program ensures that you have all of you bases covered—from setting up processes for getting found to closing the deal—and your team get the business-specific guidance they need to have a significant impact on your company.
When Does The Next HS Lead School Program Begin?
The next HS Lead School program will start at the beginning of June. There are several kick-off tasks that will take place between your enrollment and that date, but the first training and live online coaching session will take place during the first weeks of June.
What The Dates Of The In-Person Hubspot Workshops?
The dates and specific location in Phoenix is still being worked out. We are shooting for the beginning of November for the first workshop so students will have several months of data to review. Also, people in colder parts of the country can experience one of the best weather months in Phoenix. Once the dates are finalized, it will be announced via email, in the program's private Facebook group, and in the HS Lead School portal.
Which Costs Are Covered In The In-Person Workshops?
Your enrollment in the HS lead School program will give you access to the workshop at no cost. This includes several meals during the 2 days. However, just like most training and conferences, you will cover the cost of travel, lodging, and some meals. 
Is There An Enrollment Fee for the Program?
To make things easier for small marketing teams to afford this program, the price of HS Lead School is spread out over 12 months. There is NO enrollment fee on top of the cost of the program. 
Can I Pay By Check Or Is Credit Card The Only Option?
At this time, credit card is the only available option. Half of your first month will be charged as a deposit upon acceptance into HS Lead School. The other half will be changed at the beginning of the first month. After that your credit card will be charged monthly throughout your enrollment in the program.
Can I Leave The Program Before The 12-Months Is Up?
Yes. We believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated. If you discover that HS Lead School is not a good fit for your business or your business has changed in a way where this program no longer makes sense for your marketing team, you can leave the program at the end of the current month with no penalty or further cost. 

In the interest of the HS Lead School student community, once you leave the program, you will never be able to join again.

Keep in mind that no refunds will be given for months already paid and your access to all lessons, videos, recordings, community groups, and other resources will be terminated at the end of that month. You will also not be able to attend the live HubSpot lead generation workshops, regardless of whether you have already booked your travel.
Other than being really good at using HubSpot to grow businesses and a HubSpot partner, we are not affiliated or endorsed by HubSpot in any way. That is great news for you because we will show you the processes, shortcuts, and secrets that HubSpot can't tell you about. 
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